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A Huge Success on Nutrarex’s 2021 Taipei Biotech Exhibition.

In Post-Pandemic, Rebound & Strength Are Seen.

Nutrarex participated in the Taipei Biotechnology Exhibition from 4th to 7th November, 2021, where, with the philosophy of Premium Ingredients are in our DNA, we presented the patented and scientific nutraceutical ingredients as the most essential part to the time of post-COVID-19 pandemic, as well as contract manufacturing.  The ten booths of Nutrarex were exquisitely designed, shown in an island shape with elegant curves and demonstrated in some dedicated areas of varying functional health benefits.  Patented ingredients that Nutrarex exclusively represents in Taiwan were extraordinarily presented to visitors and the public at such beautifully-built booths.  

Compared to the other exhibitors’ booths, the number of visitors to Nutrarex’s booths were obviously quite high.  We were also thrilled to have Dr. Clark Hsieh as our consultant with us at the booths, to talk to our clients.  Dr. Clark Hsieh has been widely renowned for its academic stance in the nutritional field of Taiwan, with a lot of students he taught before.

What Nutrarex has paid effort to do is to deliver the very core value of premium ingredients, instead of pricing competition on the market.  This is why overseas ingredient suppliers tend to believe in Nutrarex’s capability of well managing their products in Taiwan.  We very much look forward to growing together with our suppliers and clients in the new year ahead.


Premium Ingredients with Scienceare in Our DNA.