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Nutrarex Biotech is here to help you live a healthier, better life

Nutrarex is a leading upstream health supplements company headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan. With partners on four continents, we also have a branch office in Shanghai to serve the Chinese market. For more than a decade, we have been working tirelessly to supply high-end innovative ingredients and offer world-class OEM/ODM services for health supplements to our customers across the globe. As a vertically integrated manufacturer that enjoys the support and resources from the academic community, we are unanimously recognized by our customers as their go-to choice. 



Nutrarex is the exclusive distributor of an array of top-notch ingredients from Europe, the US and Japan. We believe that the key to the efficacy and safety of health supplements is none other than the raw materials. Nutrarex goes beyond "carefully selected" to write our own playbook. We have unique insights and viewpoints on the efficacy of phytochemicals and do not compete for the number of raw materials we represent. Instead, we bring in quality ingredients from all over the world that are unique in terms of their efficacy and mechanism to make our customers' products one step above others. 


With raw materials at the core, formulas and back-end processing of the products are the key to true value. Nutrarex manufactures a wealth of best-selling supplements for our customers every year, providing one-stop integrated solutions. Our automated factory production is ISO22000 and HACCP certified and GMP compliant. Our OEM/ODM services in Taiwan are trusted by customers. The Nutrarex team includes a professional pool of nutritionists with masters and PhD degrees, as well as professionals experienced in compliance, global strategic procurement, research and development, production management, packaging design, marketing, and sales. We are one of the few companies in Taiwan with a complete OEM/ODM team and experience in manufacturing a wide range of dosage forms, including capsules, tablets, softgels, functional drinks, powders, and gummies.




The development and manufacturing of a health supplement is more than just the random addition of various raw materials, nor is it the collection of patented ingredients. "Copy and paste" and "imitate and paste" are not uncommon for other peer manufacturers to quickly receive orders. But regret always comes after a product is launched. Nutrarex focuses on the mechanism of the raw materials and the overall efficacy of the formula, because we intend to create added value for our customers by knowing the customer's sales channels and users to produce the best dosage forms. All of these are values that Nutrarex brings to the customers. 


Slogans of integrity, professionalism, innovation and such are often recited in major companies and enterprises. As an upstream supplier of health supplements, Nutrarex starts everything from people’s pursuit of health. We do not pick customers or order amounts, but we are picky on products and firm on whether we can create value for our customers and deliver uniqueness in the market. From a kilogram of raw materials, a bottle of OEM product, to a high-value order, each discussion and each order is unique. Nutrarex intends to steadily move forward, live up to customer expectations, and do without false suggestions and products. 



Nutrarex regards the 3-Ds as our north star



delivering solutions and commitment after purposeful thinking




達 Detail

safeguarding people's expectations of natural health and achieving details in the ordinary



creating value to realize differentiation 

for customers



logo拷貝  The myth of patented raw materials?
Nutrarex’s views on biotech raw materials and formulations have always been different from the industry’s usual fanaticism. Patented ingredients only represent the strengthened part of a product and cannot represent everything. We believe that the key lies in sufficient dosage, phytochhemical mechanism and overall formulation. Imagine a product that is full of patented ingredients but formulated with a low dosage of each ingredient. This kind of product may have a selling point, but no true value.  We want to steer clear of this pitall and be insightful on how we use patented innovative ingredients. We focus on how benefits can be truly brought to clients, in a way that is professional.



logo拷貝  Is cutting prices and competing for orders the way to go? 
Going through the simple process of quotation, document transmission, and final price cut to obtain orders happens more than it should. Nutrarex sees the customers' raw materials and OEM/ODM needs as a series of problem-solving steps. We are delighted to provide customers with science-based ideas that are both professional and unique to really solve the pain points in product development. Integrity + professionalism + foresight + know-hows + product efficacy = Nutrarex.Besides supplying innovative patented materials as a distributor, Nutrarex is also a leading supplier of non-patented innovative ingredients from Europe and the US.



Premium Ingredients with Scienceare in Our DNA.