Planting Healthy Vegetables and Fruits for Home-waiting Babies and Irrigating Seedlings with Overflowing Love

  • Nutrarex Biotech knows to “take from society and use for society” and looks at devotion to environmental protection and conservation as well as social benevolence as our mission and responsibility. The collaborative organization of the current charity event, the “Home-waiting Baby Social Welfare Association,” indicates that “there are more than 600 infants and babies each year in Taiwan who lose their biological families and enter orphanages, the vegetables and fruits on the dining table every day that seem ordinary and nothing special are necessities donated by few people to orphanages and also highly wanted by these children!” Most of them are from disadvantaged families. The children usually suffer from severe allergies and present with hyperactive symptoms. Vegetables and fruits hence become the most natural sources of nutritional supplements. In light of this, the parties proactively worked to make the event happen despite restrictions such as the venue, the pandemic, and the manpower. This corporate CSR event, “Together with Nutrarex - Plant Vegetables and Fruits with Love for Children,” eventually occurred.


    On November 16 (Charity Day of Nutrarex Biotech - Down Syndrom Babies Hands-on Experience for Passing Along Love), all staff at Nutrarex Biotech, filled with passion, traveled all the way north. We started at the Taichung headquarters and arrived at the Xiaonanwan Organic Farm in Linkou, New Taipei City. Upon arrival, we wasted no time. We put on gloves and rain boots, picked up farming tools, and went directly toward the farm. Led by the farmers, we planted cabbage seedlings. Each of us rolled up our sleeves, bent down and toiled away. 



    We dug gravel and red clay and planted each seedling of love while listening to the tips provided by the farmers, who also shared the importance of environmentally friendly agriculture in terms of retention of resources such as water and soil, protection of biodiversity, insistence on no-use of chemical agents and fertilizers and genetically-modified products, which are our beliefs in co-existence and co-prosperity with nature. In the middle of the event, it drizzled suddenly. No one, nevertheless, stopped the work at hand; instead, we lived up to the role of a farmer. Fearless of the wind and the rain, we smiled while working, looking forward to the fruitful harvest after 75 days and the joy on the faces of the children when they receive fresh vegetables and fruits.

    Staff at Nutrarex Biotech serves children in orphanages in their own way, realize the importance of environmental protection and conservation, environmentally friendly agriculture, and the hard work of farmers during the process, and learn to be grateful and treasure what they have. We thank the joint efforts made by the Home-waiting Baby Association and the farmers. The event signifies corporate value and responsibility. We will continue to empower ourselves while giving back to society by inspiring more love and passing along such warmth to those in need.


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