Gifting Fish Oil Health Supplements to Rural Communities to Bring a Healthy and Fulfilling Life to Children with Special Needs


    This year, Nutrarex Biotech has continued to spare no efforts to contribute to the society and the environment. When we contacted various charity organizations, we received an unexpected notice that an children’s home was soliciting charity donations to procure fish oil; we immediately contacted the children’s home without hesitation. The children’s home primarily places high-care children from dysfunctional families and most of the children have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In the past, some doctors recommended that children could take fish oil supplements to regulate their physical functions. Therefore, the children’s home continues to raise funds to procure fish oil supplements, hoping to bring stable development and growth to these children. Leveraging Nutrarex’s expertise, after understanding the children’s age from the children’s home, their physical condition and whether or not they have any allergies to fish oil, we discussed with our expert nutritionist team on the appropriate dosage of fish oil supplementation for the children.


    After supplies of “Spain Solutex highly concentrated fish oil” were prepared, we drove straight to Pingtung “Family Home,” located in a rural village with relatively poor supplies and resources compared to urban areas. This makes circumstances even more difficult for the disadvantaged children with special needs. As we distributed supplies to the children, their faces lit up with joy and the teachers appreciated the much-needed assistance. The children wrote their many sincere thank you cards and we felt a sense of warmth and blessings and the fatigue of the journey instantly melted away. The corporate philosophy of Nutrarex is to realize a healthy and better life for all and we hope that the children can also enjoy a healthy and better life.


    As a market leader in upstream health products in Taiwan, Nutrarex Biotech is committed to providing high-end health ingredients and differentiated OEM services. Nutrarex Biotech, the distributor of the Spanish highly concentrated fish oil brand Solutex, has gained a foothold in the world and the Taiwan market with its 91 patented technologies of supercritical extraction and top quality fish oil products, which are highly respected by both the medical and academic communities at home and abroad. The most ideal embodiment of CSR is to be able to contribute to public service with one’s own expertise and we at Nutrarex are committed to helping others, giving back to society with more active strides.


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