Warmth in Christmas – Becoming Christmas Angels to Fulfill Christmas Wishes for Children With Physical and Mental Disabilities


    This year, Nutrarex Biotech invited our partners to spend a different kind of Christmas by sending warmth and happiness to "Taichung City Welfare for the Disabled Association" and fulfilling Christmas wishes for physically and mentally disabled children. When we contacted the association, we learned that the children had not celebrated Christmas for 2 years because of the COVID-19 epidemic. Therefore, children highly anticipated the coming Christmas and to receive Christmas gifts. Thanks to the efforts of both Nutrarex and the association, we have created a very memorable Christmas together for the children.


    The children were eager to make their Christmas wishes, while the Nutrarex team were looking forward to the pure joy of the children after receiving their gifts. On December 16, we went to the association’s premises as Nutrarex Christmas Angels to deliver joy and blessings. When the children saw our visit, they couldn't hold back their excitement. The teachers introduced the services of the Taichung City Welfare for the Disabled Association and before commencing the Christmas gift-giving activity. Each child's face lit up with pure delight when they received their much-anticipated Christmas gift. It was not easy for them to write and express themselves, but they still made their own cards and gave them to each member of the Nutrarex Angels, writing down their blessings one by one and slowly expressing their gratitude one by one. We were glad to deliver joy to the children on this festive season and were grateful to the children for making Christmas a memorable one for the Nutrarex Angels.


    The Nutrarex team recalled that when procuring gifts, many stores also donated gifts to children on their own initiative, hoping to make a small contribution to social welfare and to influence society with their own power and invite more people to contribute to social welfare and environmental conservation. This is a profound embodiment of higher value in corporate CSR practices.


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