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Nutrarex Biotech Has hosted a Successful Isinglass International Seminar along its Persevered Journey

Since every product claims to be of high quality, how can those claims be proven? Can aggressive advertisements and low-price war for exposures prove product quality?


Nutrarex Biotech invited industry colleagues to visit the cornerstone of functional foods by having invited the scholar who is the genuine expert in fish oil through the collaborative network with the market-leading brands to share with the audience so that the industry and academic researchers can work together in a constructive and mutually informative manner.


With more than six months of preparation with visits to local and international research institutions, it was a pleasant surprise to have made a discovery in a classic ingredient such as fish oil, so Nutrarex Biotech hosted an industry-differentiating seminar to facilitate a more enriched exchange! As Nutrarex Biotech would like to include more experts who pay a high premium in research results, fish oil quality, and omega-3 purity in a joint effort to right the industry trend and to create more exchanges between the industry and research institutions, in allowing our collective knowledge to better safeguard public health. 


“Much appreciation to Nutrarex to have hosted such a wonderful seminar! It was unique!” has been the common feedback of the seminar participants, which has been a monumental encouragement to Nutrarex’s team, as we give thanks to all participating industry colleagues and researchers. With our persevered effort in the pursuit of product excellence, Nutrarex Biotech strives to advance public health solutions with professionalism and a service-oriented mindset to provide a truly unique service in a steadfast manner!


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