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Together with Nutrarex - Nutrarex Biotech Fulfills CSR by Getting Involved in Charity Love Is Simple Down Syndrome Babies Hands-on Pastries Making Experience Pass Love Along

Down syndrome features gene deficiency with Chromosome 21. It tends to lead to slow growth, mental retardation, and other complications in babies. Statistics show that out of every 800 pregnant women, one will give birth to a Down syndrome baby. Patients with Down syndrome have been disadvantaged in society. They are, however, fearless of the unequal life by proving to society with their hard work that transcends their congenital limits the value of their existence. The process is difficult and they must live up to the misunderstanding and scruple that result from the “lack of knowledge” among the general public. Given the above, we are glad that we get to work with them in the current corporate CSR event entitled “Together with Nutrarex - Down Syndrome Babies Teach You Pastries”. Down syndrome babies teach colleagues throughout the Company how to make cookies from scratch. It helps boost these babies’ self-confidence and sense of achievement. Our staff also understands how these babies managed to live through their inherited condition so that they learn to be more understanding and reduce misunderstanding, demonstrate the power of love through actual action. 

On November 16, the Charity Day of Nutrarex Biotech, we traveled from Taichung to Linkou, where the organic farm is located. We became farmers and planted vegetables and fruits for babies waiting for a home. At noon, we enjoyed the love lunch box prepared and decorated by Down syndrome babies and then wasted no time by visiting the “Down Syndrome Babies Sheltered Workshop” in the Xinzhuang, New Taipei City stadium, where we interacted with the kids closely. As soon as we stepped into the stadium, the babies greeted us with passion and disinfected everyone and took their body temperature. Through what they did and the way they talked, we felt the difficulties they face in life, yet we also saw their perseverance. After Chef Hong, the instructor at the shop, explained how the star product, the cranberry snowball, was made, the little Down syndrome helpers assisted each of us in making the cookies.




They cheered us up from time to time, showing their purest and most sincere performance. While waiting for the cookies to be baked, the instructor shared with us: “Down syndrome babies have worse memory and tend to get nervous easily; they are unable to learn as quickly as other people in general. With aids and professional training, however, they can learn how to make cookies just like us. These kids now are getting the hang of it!” The instructor's face glowed with pride. We were equally touched as listeners, too. We are proud of these kids! 

Over the 3 hours, we got along with the kids. Businesses support the charity by attending the hands-on baking class and making purchases in the field. It helps break the stereotype about people with mental disabilities and witness the hard work and capabilities of Down syndrome babies. This is the indispensable value of corporate social responsibility. We thank the Down Syndrome Foundation, the instructor at the shop, the chef, and the No. 21 angels. We will go on to pass along the love just like the prepared cookies at the shop, whose tasty smell reaches every corner of society.


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