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The Highlights of the 2022 BIO Asia-Taiwan Exhibition

In 2022, the BIO Asia-Taiwan Exhibition opened on July 28 and ran for four days. The event attracted both established figures from the biotech industry and promising newcomers. This year, Nutrarex Biotech has produced solid results once again. We offered each visiting VIP access to unique business opportunities in the nutraceutical industry by presenting and offering the latest and greatest international branded premium ingredients.

Swamped with making new connections and reconnecting with regular clients at the exhibition, Nutrarex Biotech urged everyone to take care of their health in the post-epidemic era and work together to improve Taiwanese citizens' resistance to virus invasion whilst pleasantly talking to the clients to exchange ideas how to build up a better framework of the healthcare market.  The demand for health care business opportunities is at an all-time high this year. The final day of the trade show saw the exhibitors packing up their displays and leaving one by one at the stroke of five o'clock. Only Nutrarex Biotech persisted in providing the guests with service and presentations nonstop. Our drive and perseverance are focused solely on creating popular and best-sellers of nutraceutical products for our clients and dominating the competition right from the start.


With full dedication, a well-thought-out booth design, and enthusiastic and competent service, Nutrarex Biotech gave its all this year. When guests travel from afar, all we want is to let them feel at ease and trust in us. Nutrarex Biotech, a trustworthy functional ingredients distributor and CDMO/OEM supplier, has been renowned for supplying high-efficacious health food products. Following the exhibition, we began making contact and providing clients with prompt service. Don't be discouraged if you could not attend this exhibition; the nutraceutical industry opportunities that are exclusive to yours are still available. Guests are welcome to make an appointment with us to have ongoing discussions.  Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful time we had together.



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