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NUTRAREX, a company built on science and nature, launches its new CIS to embrace its future endeavor

Focus on the Pursuit of Excellence!

The name of “Nutrarex”, of Nutrarex Biotech, originated from the Latin word meaning “Nutritional Food”, and Nutrarex Biotech has strived to safeguard the supplement product quality while focusing on the upstream R&D and manufacturing in long-term strategic partnerships with the high-end raw material suppliers in Spain, Japan, Canada, and Germany, for one-stop shopping supplement product development service, complemented by accurate market analysis, in providing every customer unique services in ingredients, recipes, seasoning, regulation, packaging marketing, etc., to ultimately produce products of genuinely high performance and high return-purchase rates.

Selective in Creating Higher Values!

Since Nutrarex Biotech’s establishment ten years or so ago, it has manufactured, as private label, countless best-selling supplement products for its customers; Enviosoning the next ten years, we pursue excellence in creating more values and market differentiation for customers while launching the brand-new CIS to more accurately convey the corporate values of Nutrarex, its perpetual value of “Premium Ingredients with Science are in Our DNA” in producing our customers with best-selling supplement products that embody the living force of nature!


Corporate Identity 

Inspired by the text of Nurtrarex Biotech, the CI symbolizes the sense of integrity and professionalism embodied in our corporate value and mission to deliver tailor-made high-performance products for customers. With earth-tone colors and symbolism, every product we have developed articulates the perpetual energy of healthy life!



Standard Color / Brown

Earth-tone colors, associated with soil, ground, nature, and simplicity embodied in the corporate values of reliability, solidity, safety, mind-at-ease, and trustworthiness

Supplementary Color #1 / Forest Green

Representing nature, health, and quality, the symbolism of “New Life” and “Energy.”

Supplementary Color #2 / Chrome Yellow

Symbolizing “Light,” conveying “Passion,” “Power,” and “Initiatives.”



Premium Ingredients with Scienceare in Our DNA.