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Beach Clean-Up : Aspire to Health, Love the Ocean, Clean up the Beach, and See the Most Wonderful Scenery in the World.

Take Much from the Oceans & the Seas, Contribute to them. 
Let’s Protect the Home of Marine Creatures.


In Pursuit of Health, Determined to Clean up the Beach

Nutrarex Biotech closely partners with Solutex, a world-leading Omega-3 manufacturer in Spain.  We all fully understand the significance of cherishing the marine and resources on earth.  Nutrarex, together with Solutex, took the lead amongst the nutraceutical field of Taiwan in hosting the charitable event – Beach Clean-Up, called “Love the Ocean, Go to Glean Up the Beach” at one of the Taiwan beaches.  This has realised the commitment of “take from the oceans and the seas, contribute to them”.  Let’s protect the home of ocean creatures. The commitmment and philosophy have appealed to the people and attracted a geat number of volunteers in Taiwan to join with us.  The parcipants of the event, who use Solutex Omega-3 Oils in their branded finished products, gathered together at the beach, regardless of competitiveness amongst them.  Beyond expectation, the number of people who signed up for the significant event was surprisingly over one hundred, particularly when the event was held prior to the Mother’s Day.  We all happily joined this great activity, donating our love to the great nature, ocean, and the earth, which are the mother of whole human beings.




Safeguard our Decendants, Cherish the Oceans & the Seas

On May 8th, 2021, Nutrarex and all of the lovely friends departed from varying locations in Taiwan, heading to the “Natural Ecology educational Center of Changhua County."  Totally, more than a hundred of people on a sunny day hummed the thanksgiving song and worked very hard, picking up a lot of uncountable messy garbage.  The parcipants were all pouring with sweat.  A pair of little girls went red by the sunlight and spoke to their mother, saying “Happy Mother’s Day”, simply the moment of the most beautiful picture at the beach, across Taiwan, and also on the earth.



Sustainability & Georgeous Scenery in the World

Nutrarex was thankful and honorable, appreciating all of the clients and participants for their partcipation in such a great significant event held before the eve of Mother’s Day. One group of people, in one heart.  Every body bent down and squatted down at the beach, contributing their hearts to the ocean for purification.


At that time, no matter how much amount of wastes and garbage we picked, we just did our utmost to protect the ocean, realizing further that protecting the oceans and the seas must be done from our daily life.  We witnessed the stunning quantities of plastics, straws, rubber bands… etc. as the ocean wastes and garbage, which have already destroyed the ecology and food chain of the ocean, whilst undoubtedly humans are on the top of the chain.  It is believed that the value of cherishing the oceans and the seas, caring for resources sustainability, and safeguarding our next generations shall be passed down to people in Taiwan.  We will do it without question in the future.


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